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Our philosophy is based on experimentation and research in order to satisfy the customer and to interpret creativity, innovation and the desire to stand out through our products. Beauty, which moves beyond the stereotype, characterises all of our creations that become objects of desire in the realm of women’s fashion and more besides.
Our accessories are fashion-forward and illustrate the wearer’s personality. Appreciation for our brand has led us to create exclusive products, which enjoy tangible recognition from our sophisticated clientele, who care about quality and originality.


Our highly-skilled staff research and experiment with materials, shapes, colours and, above all, images, to give substance to innovative ideas.


The presence of the brand logo on the packaging and on the product, testify to the purchase of an original and exclusive MANIE product.
All of our creations are protected by the “manie copyright”, designed and produced exclusively by our creative staff, who are always attentive to the evolution of fashion and market demands.


With regard to the world of “LICENSING”, we collaborate with the most famous brands at a national and international level (RTI Mediaset – Le Iene, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Valentina by Guido Crepax, Tamara de Lempicka, Betty Boop, Sid Maurer, Forever Friends, etc.) , which entrust our group with the development and research in order to create innovative “Manie” branded products.

Constant research, intuition for new trends and creativity

What is our secret? Our creators are passionate about their work, driven by professionalism and a lively curiosity that leads them to experiment, design, and assemble in order to create future trends.

Each collection is the fascinating result of a well organised and experienced team.

The style office is continuously buzzing, constantly researching the latest trends, new colours and the most innovative materials to blend into every collection project. Nothing is overlooked, in order to always offer the market the excellence and innovation that is expected from an artistic enterprise like Manie.

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