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Managing Director of Manie S.r.l., Victor Rogachev has a charismatic and strong personality. He succeeds in engaging the staff and involving the entire sales system to achieve ever more ambitious and forward-looking goals.

He entered the world of graphic design and image printing on plastics and other media at a young age and he immediately sought his own job position that would allow him to work in full autonomy and to experiment with decisively innovative solutions.

Curious, eclectic, a lover of travel and fashion, Victor knows how to anticipate trends and to create original and current collections, produced through teamwork together with a pool of international and cosmopolitan minds, creating a realistic mirror of himself and his foreign origins. Russia, his birthplace, has long since been abandoned for Europe and China, but not before leaving its lasting mark on his childhood DNA in the form of luxury, colour, open spaces and for the continuous struggle to obtain. With dignity, stamina and respect. On this foundation, Victor Rogachev founded “Manie“, today part of the “Star Holding Group”.  A company made of young and skilled staff, ready to seize upon new incentives and challenges to construct and share the success of each day.

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